20 Student-Athletes Participate In Annual LEAP Program

2018 Becker LEAP Program

LEICESTER, Mass- On Sunday, March 4th, 20 student-athletes participated in LEAP (Leaders of Excellence and Athletic Pride. LEAP is a leadership program designed for sophomore student-athletes for whom their coaches or athletic administrators nominated because they believe they can be future leaders on their teams.


They covered topics including challenges of being a leader, leadership styles, core values, social media and personal branding. This group did an outstanding job. "Their conversations proved to me that our teams will continue to have strong leaders in the upcoming years," said Assistant Athletic Director Andrea Belis. "They had discussions about the challenges they will face and helped each other figure out how to handle them. This continues to be my favorite program every year and it is because of our outstanding student-athletes," added Belis.

Student-athletes who participated in LEAP.

Samantha Buzgo- Softball

Samantha Carter- Field Hockey and Women's Lacrosse

Sofia Cullina- Volleyball

Courtney Furlong- Equestrian

Alex Kielczewski- Men's Ice Hockey and Tennis

Layne Koeppel- Equestrian

Grant Martens- Men's Ice Hockey

Kelsey Maynard- Women's Basketball

Ben Mazzone- Baseball

Mike McMahon- Baseball

Trey McMillen- Men's Ice Hockey and Lacrosse

Cassondra Messier- Softball

Cassandra Nelson- Women's Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse

Lauren Niemann- Field Hockey and Softball

Rob Pellerin- Football

Christian Perkins- Football

Austin Siering- Men's Ice Hockey

Valerie Slimsky- Equestrian

Micaela Rice- Volleyball

Sarah Ware- Women's Basketball