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Brian Busconi, MD                    

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 Chief of Sports Medicine UMass Memorial


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Head Athletic Trainer    774.354.0490 


Jason Anderson, MS, ATC, LAT           

Assistant Athletic Trainer           



Andrea Durham, MS, ATC, LAT   Assistant Athletic Trainer      774.354.0490


Joseph Richard, ATC, LAT           Assistant Athletic Trainer      774.354.0490  


Becker College Sports Medicine Dept.

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Medical Forms are due by July 15th, 2015.  Students without the required forms will be unable to move into campus housing, participate in athletics, begin classes, and will be charged a $250 late fee.  For your convenience, Student Health Forms can be accessed by creating and logging into your SportsWare Online profile.


Every student-athlete must complete required medical forms annually, in order to participate in athletics at Becker College.  All forms are accessed by creating a SportsWare Online profile or updating your existing profile.


Step 1: Create or update your SportsWare Online profile.  To create your profile, click HERE for printable directions


Step 2: Once you're logged into your profile, complete the following:

    a. My Info: Update your address, phone number, emergency contact, insurance information, and upload a copy of the front and back of your insurance card.

           Do NOT include your social security number

    b. Med History: Complete a Medical History questionnaire.

    c. Forms: All forms are required


Step 3: Forms: View/complete required paperwork.  Some forms need to be printed, completed, then uploaded to SportsWare. 

1) Assumption of Risk- read, digitally sign and date

2) HIPPA/FERPA- read, digitally sign and date

3) Immunization Record- Freshman/Transfers Only.  Completed by physician and uploaded to your SportsWare profile

      Please be aware: Immunization requirements vary from state to state and requirements vary according to your major.  Please use our Immunization Record Form in order to avoid conflict from inadequate or missing immunizations.

Veterinary Technology, Animal Care, and Equine Study majors require additional vaccines and forms.  Please refer to the link below for more information:

4) Physical Examination- Completed by physician.  Only physical exams administered within 6 months from the start of your season will be accepted (please see below).  Upload to your SportsWare profile when completed.  Physical exams are required annually.

            Fall Sports (Football, M/W soccer, W tennis, equestrian, field hockey, volleyball, golf): Physical exams administered from February 2015 on

            Winter Sports (M/W ice hockey, M/W basketball): Physical exams administered from April 2015 on

            Spring Sports (Baseball, softball, M tennis, M/W lacrosse): Physical exams administered from March 2015 on (for fall ball season)

      Please be aware: Physical exam forms from doctor's offices may or may not have all of the appropriate testing performed and correct documentation.  We advise that our physical exam form (that can be downloaded and printed out from your SportsWare profile) is used to avoid conflict from inadequate information and testing.  Please make sure the form is completed in full, signed and office stamped by the doctor's office.

5) Student Health Record- Freshman/Transfers Only.  Must be printed out and completed by student-athlete

6) Sickle Cell Testing Policy

    NCAA requires that ALL varsity student-athletes have knowledge of their sickle cell trait status before they are allowed to participate in athletics.  There are three options for the student-athlete to obtain their sickle cell trait status.

     Option 1: Obtain proof of the student-athlete's newborn screening at birth.  Usually can be accessed through the primary care physician's records or from the birth hospital.  Additional information on how to obtain newborn screening can be found below

     Option 2: If a newborn screening cannot be accessed, you can obtain a new blood test from the primary care physician to determine sickle cell trait status

     Option 3: If the student-athlete, parent, or guardian chooses to not test for sickle cell trait status, the student-athlete must complete a waiver process.  This includes, watching a 20 minute video and taking an exam at the end of the video.  There will be a proof of completion certificate that must be presented to the sports medicine staff in order to be cleared for participation in athletics.  This waiver option will be required annually.  The link to the video and exam can be found on the Sickle Cell Policy on your SportsWare profile

Note: the purpose of the NCAA requirement is to provide a safer athletic environment for every student-athlete and to provide appropriate care.  Knowing your sickle cell trait through testing is strongly recommended


     Additional documentation is required from prescribing physician if a student-athlete is currently being treated with prescription medication for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.  Most common medications used for treatment of Add/ADHD are methylphenidate (Ritalin) and amphetamine (Adderall).  These are banned under the NCAA class of stimulants and can result in a positive drug test.  The policy and additional forms can be printed out and brought to your doctor's office, if additional documentation is needed

8) Insurance Policy and Procedure

     Additional information and questions about your current insurance policy is required.  A copy of the front AND back of your insurance card must be uploaded to your SportsWare profile.  This can be uploaded and attached under "My info" in the insurance section.  A valid copy of your insurance card is required as proof of coverage.  Information about our Primary and Secondary Insurance Policy can be found on your SportsWare profile and below under "Additional Information"

9) Consent to Treat- read, digitally sign and date


When you log out of your SportsWare profile, any missing or incomplete information will appear.  Please make sure all required information and forms are completed.  Having missing or incomplete information on your SportsWare profile will delay your ability to participate in athletics at Becker College and will result in dismissal from pre-season camp.






Knight Hall Athletic Training Room

Located through the main entrance of Knight Hall, bottom floor near Campus Police

HOURS*: August- May

M-F:  9:30am-2:30pm: open for treatments and rehabilitation.  Closed 30 minutes after last practice/competition ends

Saturday-Sunday: open for practices/competitions ONLY.  Treatments/rehabilitation by appointment ONLY

Leicester Gymnasium Athletic Training Room

HOURS*: November- March

M-F:   TBD: open for treatments and rehabilitation.  Closed 30 minutes after last practice/competition ends

Saturday-Sunday: open for practices/competitions ONLY.  Treatments/rehabilitation by appointment ONLY

*Hours are subject to change at the discretion of the athletic trainer.




Insurance Information

Primary & Secondary Insurance Info- New Policy coming June 8th, 2015

University Health Plans Policy and Waiver

List of Approved Providers for University Health Plans

Educational Materials

NCAA Banned Substance List

NCAA Policies

ADD/ADHD Policy and Procedure

Concussion Fact Sheet

Sickle Cell Fact Sheet

Sickle Cell Trait Testing Policy and Procedure

How to acquire sickle cell test results according to each state

Additional forms for sickle cell test results:







**Please have sickle cell test results uploaded to your SportsWare Online profile


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